Dodo for Kids

Dodo is back on earth.

Ecological themes 
Beach maintenance (Sleep at the beach)
Fire (Sleep and fireworks)
Water pollution (Dodo and the frog)
Deforestation (Dodo and the parrot)
Whale hunting (Dodo and the wind turbine)
Fertilizers (Dodo and the mole)
Transportation of tropical animals (Dodo businessman)
Oil (Sleep and the swimming pool)
Coral (Dodo and moray eel)
Intensive fishing (Dodo and the sea lion)
Urban pollution (Sleeping and road traffic)
Energy expenditure (Sleep and gadgets)
Animal trafficking (Dodo and animal traffickers)

The ozone layer (Dodo and the ozone layer)
The greenhouse effect (Dodo and the greenhouse effect)
Domestic waste (Sleeping and city maintenance)
Solar energy (Dodo and solar energy)
Battery rearing (Dodo and battery rearing)
Global Warming (Dodo and Global Warming)
Pesticides (Dodo and pesticides)
Groundwater (Dodo and the water tables)
Noise pollution (Sleep and noise)
Recycling (Sleep and recycling)


Dodo for Climate Friendly Travel

Dodo, The Return is an animated television series of 65 episodes of approximately 5 minutes. Created by Christian Joller, this educational series is a mix of cartoons and reports on the theme of the environment. 

The creator of the series wanted to use the Dodo, symbol of an extinct species, as a vector of an ecological message to raise awareness among young people about environmental problems. So in each episode Dodo learns, through images from reports, things he doesn't know about animal species or problems linked to the environment.

The Strong Institute (GGTI), has secured the worldwide rights, from its creator, to use the Dodo to promote Climate Friendly Travel to schools and young people in hotels and even home use around the world.
The SUNx Group will develop this in 2024 through its Social Enterprises, and will release an accompanying e-book created by a young African author, that highlights the special places Dodo visits.

DODO has returned from extinction. - A friendly, flightless bird on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, Dodo’s were exterminated for food, by passing European and Arab sailors. Now DODO has returned to help spread the word on the Code Red Climate Crisis and how we can change the way we behave in travel and tourism.
DODO has joined the SUNx Climate Friendly Travel Institute as a teacher, helping to keep alight the torch of decency we inherited from our co-founder the late Maurice Strong – climate activist and humanist half a century ago
DODO stands for Climate Justice, as well as for respect, decency & human kindness

Watch the Dodo episodes on YouTube here
You will find 65 episodes in English - playlist here   and in French - playlist here   and currently 4 episodes in Spanish - playlist here

In each episode Dodo puts himself in often dangerous situations, his somewhat awkward side and his lack of knowledge of the environment in which he operates will make him encounter other species whose existence he is unaware of. Each situation is a pretext to explain to him how to behave and with whom he must live in harmony. 

The middle part of the episode, where Dodo has everything explained to him, is a documentary part in live action which allows the young viewer to be made aware (just like Dodo) of ecology and the relationships between animals and human beings. The discourse in each episode is deliberately intended to be clear and fairly complete, while leaving the viewer the opportunity to discuss it or seek further information to explore the subject in greater depth. 

Dodo always ends up apologizing and promising to be careful with his future actions.


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder