Read our message at the SIDS4, the winners of Strong Earth Awards 2024 and much more!
Read about Climate Aviation 2050 Moonshot Campaign, China CFT Outreach, Supporting the Bali CFT Community, Dodo Returns, 4th Annual SEYS (Strong Earth Youth Summit) and Strong Earth Awards 2024. 
Read about how we are helping LDCs and SIDS to get along with CFT Transformation plans, 4th Annual SEYS (Strong Earth Youth Summit) and remarks of Professor Geoffrey Lipman on requirement of a New Fight Plan for Glasgow Declaration. 
2 years to Peak GHG, a call for High Ambition Leaders, Launch of the Bali Climate Friendly Chapter and much more!
In the middle of a war, brought on by the brutal invasion of Ukraine, one might rationally think that there was no place for tourism. In fact, this simply isn’t true, domestic travel still continues and with the positive mindset of young people it can be assumed in a a…
Malta's Tourism Minister, Hon Clayton Bartolo, to Launch 50 Climate Friendly Travel Chapters in LDC (Least Developed Countries) on World Tourism Day, "Azalai Hotels" LDC Climate Champion in West Africa, climate news from around the word, and more...
Read how we are calling on all Tourism stakeholders to establish a Plan B & urgently deal with the need to adapt and abate, our offer of 50 scholarships on our Climate Friendly Travel Diploma for students from 50 of the world's Small Island Developing States and other countries impacted…
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Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder