About the SUN Program

SUN - Strong Universal Network

SUNx - Strong Universal Network - is a new system for Tourism destinations and stakeholders to build Climate Resilience in line with the targets of the Paris Agreement through Climate Friendly Travel. It is managed by the Belgian-based not-for-profit Green Growth & Travelism Institute (GGTI).

SUN - Strong Universal Network

There is no greater single threat to humanity than Climate Change - it is eXistential. SUNx will focus on this reality and provide an eXchange of smart solutions, tools, and resources to help any community and its tourism stakeholders understand the evolving regulatory dictates and market opportunities.

SUNx supports community climate resilience through Climate Friendly Travel, (pros / cons measured and managed, green growth at the core and 2050 future proofed). Our X brand shows both the eXistential reality of climate change and the eXchange of innovation and learning.

The SUNx eXchange relies on an expanding network of SDG-17 Partners, and community outreach for climate resilience. It has a web based “focused innovation / learning” system with strong post-Paris linkages, low cost entry, on-line / on-ground support services.

A program inspired by the late Maurice Strong - one of the founders of sustainable development and S.G. of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit - showcasing and sharing renewable energy & innovative technology solutions. It is a legacy to his 20 years of collaboration on Green Growth within Travel and Tourism, with Professor Geoffrey Lipman, and Felix Dodds on sustainable development - the co-founders of the project, and a growing circle of collaborators around the world.

SUNx is an impact focused initiative.



Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder



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