The SUN-x Team

Geoffrey Lipman

Geoffrey Lipman leads SUN. Former top exec in IATA, WTTC and UNWTO, Geoffrey is President of ICTP and the Green Growth Travelism Institute (GGTI), as well as a Visiting Professor at Hasselt University, Belgium & Victoria University Australia.

  • Belgium


Felix Dodds

Felix Dodds is an acclaimed campaigner for sustainable development & author. Formerly UN Multi- stakeholder Forum Director, now Senior Fellow at the Global Research Institute at the University of N. Carolina & Associate Fellow, Tellus Institute.

  • USA


Jinfeng Zhou

Dr Jinfeng Zhou is Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF). He has earned a global reputation as a seasoned supporter of sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, environmental protection, & poverty alleviation.

  • China
Olly Wheatcroft
Program Manager

Olly Wheatcroft is responsible for strategy, implementation and project management. This includes fundraising, stakeholder engagement and digital marketing. His background is Sustainable Tourism marketing & project management.

  • United Kingdom
Ana Barret
Content Manager

Ana Barret is SUNx Content Manager and is responsible for the content development (research and curation) of the SUNx education resources platform. She is a teacher and translator with a legal background & passionate about environmental issues.

  • France


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder



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