Creating a Climate Friendly Travel System

Welcome to Belize Climate Friendly Travel Chapter

What does the Belize Climate Friendly Chapter Do?

Community of Champions
  1. Build a growing community of like minded individuals who are networked across the LDC + world.
    1. Encourage companies to join the CFT Registry.
CFT Project
      1. Identify and develop a locally initiated project. This could be solar electrification of villages, water sanitation, waste reduction, or any number of other areas related to increasing the Sustainability of Tourism in the country.

Meet the Chapter Leader 

Darcy M Correa
Darcy M CorreaBelize
Darcy Correa, a dedicated professional from Corozal, Belize, has been serving as a Tourism Officer at the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations since 2017. In his role, Darcy plays a pivotal part in promoting and managing tourism initiatives that highlight Belize's rich cultural and natural heritage. His expertise and passion for the tourism industry are rooted in his previous experience working at the Institute of Archaeology, where he contributed to the preservation and study of Belize's archaeological treasures. Darcy's commitment to enhancing tourism in Belize is evident in his ongoing efforts to develop sustainable tourism practices that benefit both the local community and international visitors. Darcy is one of the SUNx Malta PG Diploma scholarship recipients.


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder