Creating a Climate Friendly Travel System

Welcome to Sudan Climate Friendly Travel Chapter

What does the Sudan Climate Friendly Chapter Do?

Community of Champions
  1. Build a growing community of like minded individuals who are networked across the LDC + world.
    1. Encourage companies to join the CFT Registry.
CFT Project
      1. Identify and develop a locally initiated project. This could be solar electrification of villages, water sanitation, waste reduction, or any number of other areas related to increasing the Sustainability of Tourism in the country.

Meet the Chapter Leader 

Amna Faisal Mohammed Makawi
Amna Faisal Mohammed MakawiSudan
My name is Amna Makawi and I am an environmental and climate activist, Moreover, I am a Climate Friendly Travel diploma student to be a Strong Climate Champion in my country. I have a master's degree in environmental science. I have been working with the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (NGO). I participated in many development projects, as well as a project to raise children’s awareness of the SDGs concept and link the goals to development projects. I worked on many special projects on the effects of climate change and averting disasters resulting from climate change. I also prepared a training manual on environmental citizenship to train community members on the concept of climate justice and human rights. I have volunteered in several civil society organizations. Leadership, a spirit of teamwork, and enthusiasm for volunteer work are very important to serving the community. I have been working with volunteers as one team to serve our organizations, our society, and fragile communities, frontline communities, and we work as one team to achieve SDGs and development for my country. My ambition is for Sudan to be better than it was so that we can launch a Climate-Friendly Travel chapter and revitalise the tourism sector in Sudan.


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder