Creating a Climate Friendly Travel System

Welcome to Sao Tome and Principe Climate Friendly Travel Chapter

What does the Sao Tome and Principe Climate Friendly Chapter Do?

Community of Champions
  1. Build a growing community of like minded individuals who are networked across the LDC + world.
    1. Encourage companies to join the CFT Registry.
CFT Project
      1. Identify and develop a locally initiated project. This could be solar electrification of villages, water sanitation, waste reduction, or any number of other areas related to increasing the Sustainability of Tourism in the country.

Meet the Chapter Leader 

Euclides Martins
Euclides MartinsSao Tome and Principe
My name is Euclides Martins and I represent Sao Tome Equa Tour (a Destination Management Company-DMC); a travel company specializing in ecotourism in the unique archipelago of Sao Tome and Principe. Our company is proud to offer unique expeditions and holidays for nature lovers and eco-conscious tourists. I am a Specialist in Public Relations and Advertising with more than 8 years of public, private, and social sector experience, in a multicultural environment, at national and international levels. With solid experience in communicating with the public on behalf of an entity such as a company, organization, individuals, politicians, or Government I have mastered the capacity to promote goods, services, or images of our clients. Our clientele includes public sector figures, business and industrial enterprises, governmental bodies, and non-profit organizations. In 2023 I embarked on a 2-year PG Diploma qualification in Climate Friendly Travel when I as awarded a scholarship through SUNx Malta in collaboration with ITS Malta. Some of my main passions lie in networking and working with like-minded people because I believe this is what makes the world not only 'go round' but also enjoyable and profitable. I am taking the experience and skills gained to lead Sao Tome and Principe's tourism and hospitality sector into a more Climate Friendly Travel future.


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder