Creating a Climate Friendly Travel System

Welcome to Myanmar Climate Friendly Travel Chapter

What does the Myanmar Climate Friendly Chapter Do?

Community of Champions
  1. Build a growing community of like minded individuals who are networked across the LDC + world.
    1. Encourage companies to join the CFT Registry.
CFT Project
      1. Identify and develop a locally initiated project. This could be solar electrification of villages, water sanitation, waste reduction, or any number of other areas related to increasing the Sustainability of Tourism in the country.

Meet the Chapter Leader 

Shwe Wah Win
Shwe Wah WinMyanmar
I am a passionate advocate for environmental and tourism sustainability with a strong academic and professional background in the field. I earned my degree in Tourism from Mandalar University and gained practical experience through internships in the hospitality sector. My career journey led me to the Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency, where I worked on projects aimed at enhancing human resources capacity and service quality within Myanmar's tourism industry, aligning with the country's tourism master plan. In pursuit of my commitment to sustainable travel, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship for Climate Friendly Travel studies at ITS Malta through the Sun x program. This experience deepened my understanding of eco-friendly travel practices. Today, I continue to champion sustainable tourism, striving to create a positive impact on both the industry and the environment.
Lynn Nandar Kyaw
Lynn Nandar KyawMyanmar
Passionate advocate for sustainable tourism and a second-batch CFT Diploma through SUNx Malta in collaboration with ITS. I am also pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Innovation and Sustainability, with a mission to advance ethical and transformative practices in the tourism sector. Armed with background knowledge in strategic leadership and design thinking, I am dedicated to the implementation of sustainable solutions and creating meaningful impacts. I hold diplomas in Travel & Tourism and Hospitality Management, further enriching a multidimensional approach to sustainability in tourism. My experiences in creative content writing and climate change outreach enable me to produce engaging content and enhance community engagement. Plus a relentless pursuit of knowledge and commitment to sustainability gives me the drive for ongoing contributions to transformative and ethical change within the industry.


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder