The 2015 Paris Accords set in train, a 3-decade, low carbon transformation, based on widespread recognition that “Climate Change is existential”. This makes Climate Change the most important issue on the global agenda and it is the rationale for SUN – the Strong Universal Network. Under the initial guidance of our friend and mentor, the late Maurice Strong - one of the fathers of sustainable development, we are creating a platform for tracking, focussing and sharing climate response innovation as it intersects with travel.
If you want to see a short slideshow on who we are and what we plan to do to help the Travel & Tourism Community become Climate Resilient - Click here.
If you agree that Climate Change is existential and support the Paris Process to stabilize global temperatures at tolerable levels -
Join the SUN  movement by clicking here.
To introduce SUN to the Travel & Tourism sector, we are proud to present “Green Santa” - a Climate Change primer in the form of a comic book.
Co-authored by Felix Dodds and issued under the auspices of the UN Secretary General this 24-page fun document is designed to appeal to adults as well as kids.
It explains the reasons why Climate Change is existential and the steps we need to take now in response. Please click  here to download and circulate to  all your contacts.

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