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Boris Johnson unveils £12bn 10 point Net Zero transition Plan

Boris Johnson unveils £12bn 10 point Net Zero transition Plan

The UK wants to put nature at the heart of COP26.

"The concept is simple: by caring for nature, we can simultaneously cut emissions, adapt to climate impacts, and protect biodiversity. Nature-based solutions include restoring peat bogs and forests, growing green roofs in cities, or encouraging nature to thrive on farmland.

The government hopes to persuade politicians around the world to commit to prioritising nature. One way countries can do this is through their nationally-determined contributions – the national pledges that underpin international action on climate change – which must be enhanced ahead of next year’s conference.

To date, nature-based solutions have been hindered by a lack of money. The sector receives around three per cent of climate funding. The UK government wants to change this, and is harnessing its presidency of COP26 to encourage wealthy nations and the private sector to essentially inject a massive dose of cash."


Click here to know more about the UK government hopes to use its presidency of COP26.



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Country: United Kingdom


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder


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