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2030 Climate Target Plan

2030 Climate Target Plan

The Commission’s proposal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 sets Europe on a responsible path to becoming climate neutral by 2050.

Based on a comprehensive impact assessment, the Commission has proposed to increase the EU's ambition on reducing greenhouse gases and set this more ambitious path for the next 10 years. The assessment shows how all sectors of the economy and society can contribute, and sets out the policy actions required to achieve this goal.



- Set a more ambitious and cost-effective path to achieving climate neutrality by 2050

- Stimulate the creation of green jobs and continue the EU’s track record of cutting greenhouse gas emissions whilst growing its economy

- Encourage international partners to increase their ambition to limit the rise in global temperature to 1.5°C and avoid the most severe consequences of climate change


Key elements

With the 2030 Climate Target Plan, the Commission proposes to raise the EU's ambition on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to at least 55% below 1990 levels by 2030. This is a substantial increase compared to the existing target upwards from the previous target of at least 40%.

Raising the 2030 ambition now helps give certainty to policymakers and investors, so that decisions made in the coming years do not lock in emission levels inconsistent with the EU’s goal to be climate-neutral by 2050.

The new proposal delivers on the commitment made in the Communication on the European Green Deal to put forward a comprehensive plan to increase the European Union’s target for 2030 towards 55% in a responsible way. It is also in line with the Paris Agreement objective to keep the global temperature increase to well below 2°C and pursue efforts to keep it to 1.5°C.

The impact assessment accompanying the proposal prepares the ground for adapting climate and energy policies to help decarbonise the European economy. This includes determining the future role of carbon pricing and its interaction with other policies.


Next steps

The European Commission will now start preparing detailed legislative proposals on how this target can be achieved. The Commission will review, and where necessary propose to revise, by July 2021, all relevant policy instruments to achieve the additional emission reductions.

In October 2020, the Commission published inception impact assessments, followed in November by four open public consultations to prepare these revisions:

- EU Emissions Trading System Directive

- Effort Sharing Regulation

- Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry Regulation

- CO2 standards for cars and vans Regulation(light-duty vehicles)

Furthermore, the Climate Law Regulation, proposed by the Commission in March 2020, aims to enshrine into EU law the 2050 climate-neutrality target agreed by EU leaders in December 2019 and set the direction of travel for all EU policy. In September 2020, the Commission proposed to include the increased 2030 target in the Regulation, which is being discussed as a whole by co-legislators under the ordinary legislative procedure.

The new 2030 target will also form the basis of discussions on revising the EU’s nationally determined contribution to reducing emissions under the Paris Agreement.


Stakeholder input

In March 2020, the Commission launched a public consultation inviting stakeholders and citizens to submit their views on the EU’s 2030 climate ambition increase and on the action and policy design necessary for deeper greenhouse gas emission reductions. The over 4,000 contributions were summarised and informed the development of the plan.



- Communication on the 2030 Climate Target Plan

- 2030 Climate Target Plan Impact Assessment

- 2030 Climate Target Plan Impact Assessment Executive Summary

- Commission amended proposal for a Regulation: Climate Law

- Synopsis report public consultation activities and in-depth report open public consultation

- Press Release

- Q&A

- Factsheet - The 2030 Climate Target Plan: A Vision for Europe

- Factsheet - Policy Tools for the 2030 Climate Target Plan

- Supplementary information: data for the graphs presented in the impact assessment


Source: EU - European Union

Region: Europe




Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder


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