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SUNx Centres will feature a commercially based transformation network, with a variety of Green Growth services available to the Community and its stakeholders. These include, impact investment for SMEs, company certification for SDG/Climate action, destination road-mapping, carbon certificate support, mobile augmented reality, cross data base integration and the like.

The University Network we are creating will be expanded from its anchor bases in Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia and Hasselt University Limburg, Belgium to other institutions around the world. There are a dozen universities currently under negotiation including Canada, China, Indonesia, Mauritius, Korea, Peru, UAE, UK and Zambia.


The academic and research community is a core element of SUNx’s outreach activities where we plan to engage with existing groups, as well as creating a dedicated Green Growth & Travelism online delivery framework of:

  • Universities who join to take advantage of the research base that will be established
  • The SUNx Centre Manager and local academic and school counterparts they engage with.
  • By the end of the 10-year plan this will be a significant new force to support transformation.


SUN Value Multiplier EffectWe will deliver a new social media/event-focused communications program that will promote SUNx as a key delivery arm of the 2030/2050 agenda, using a high profile mobile SUNx Centre and our interest as a founding partner in ICTP – the International Coalition of Tourism Partners for Travel Stakeholders supporting Green Growth and Quality for business. Building network relationships with media groups sharing our vision, will be a major factor. We will also participate in events to advance the system and strengthen cooperation with industry.


There is no dedicated Impact-Travel program focused on Climate Resilience at this potential scale. SUNx will fill this gap across a growing global sustainability framework, with accelerating scale, scope, complexity and speed of change. It will provide a continual community response capability that does not yet exist. It allows response to increasingly volatile climate effects – current institutional frameworks aren’t geared for this change.


  • There are four networks where we hope and expect to build fast recognition - the Industry itself, Environmental communities, Academia and NGO systems - all have a strong interest in advancing the vision and mission of SUNx.
  • SUNx will reach out to these groups and will create a connected web space to manage the process.




Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder



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