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SUNx is a global initiative to help destinations develop through implementing an Impact-Travel strategy. Aligned with the U.N. “2030/2050” Global Agenda for sustainability and particularly climate resilience, SUNx provides a support network for communities and their stakeholders – consumers, industry and government.

It will provide focused data on Climate Resilience and Impact-Travel related Green Growth trends / policies. It will identify opportunities for innovation and support implementation. It will enhance access to climate resilience funding and sustainable development support.

SUN Centre ExteriorSUNx is an evolving global network of innovative, cost-effective, solar-powered buildings at its core called SUNx Centres. Each is delivered in a single container and is easily positioned in a range of communities including national parks, urban centres and heritage sites.

SUNx Centres will be inter-connected via SUNx Connections - our platform & global technology for monitoring & analysing climate resilience data for research and analysis. They will be linked by ‘Smart Community’ Teams of specially trained Curators, and connected to local SUNx technology Nodes. They will share information between destinations and act as educational hubs, capacity building centres & demonstration sites.

They will create awareness of critical Climate, Sustainability and Impact-Travel strategies at a local level, helping communities to take action. They will provide training venues for policymakers, practitioners and students. They will be focal points for third party transformation support services. They will offer a community space for green art, music, handicrafts etc.

A SUNx Centre is a prefabricated structure that generates solar power (excess may be exported to the local grid). Connected to the internet and other SUNx Centres, it provides a new way to focus, share and learn about Climate Resilience, Green Growth and the complex interface with Impact-Travel.

SUN Centre InteriorThe structure, with its visible solar panels, projects Green Growth. It can be integrated with local governance, culture, entrepreneur & education systems.

It can also be a network Node of “Impact-Travel Technology in a box” that fits into local info-communications networks and acts as beacon for change.

The SUNx Team ensures smooth running of the facility and on-going analysis of data relevant to the community. It consists of a manager working with the local community and SUNx Central.

It will bring expertise in: data/analysis, strategy/ policy and funding/ innovation.


SUN Centre InteriorClick here to view video.



Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder



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