The Glasgow Tourism Declaration

Statement on signing The Glasgow Tourism Declaration, from the President of SUNx Malta, Professor Geoffrey Lipman:

The Glasgow Tourism Declaration is a great start to improve sector climate response, and we are pleased to be an early signatory. It moves in the right direction, but it has to go further and it has to go faster. It builds on previous UNWTO Tourism & Climate Declarations in Djerba in 2003 and Davos in 2007. All good and well intentioned, but now we need much more to help to avert the “Code Red” Climate Crisis that all UN states are facing.

To fully respond to the science and the extreme weather calamities around the world we need a DASH-2-Zero if we are to cross the finishing line in time. The Glasgow goal of a Net Carbon Zero travel industry by 2050 should shift to 2030, with a hard stop of all greenhouse gas emissions (carbon, nitrogen, sulphur, and methane compounds) by 2050. This will be our focus.

What is very positive is the emphasis on measurement and recorded reduction in emissions by companies and communities and we stand ready to support the Glasgow process with the SUNx Malta Climate Friendly Travel Registry, which is linked directly to the main UN Global Climate Action Portal.

About SUNx Malta

SUNx is an EU based, not-for-profit organisation, established as a legacy for Maurice Strong, climate and sustainability pioneer and partnered with the government of Malta.

SUNx Malta created the ‘Green & Clean, Climate Friendly Travel System’ which is designed to help Travel & Tourism companies and communities transform to the new Climate Economy. The programme is based on reducing carbon, meeting Sustainable Development Goals, and matching the Paris 1.5C trajectory. It is action and education focused – supporting today’s companies and communities to deliver on their climate ambitions and encouraging tomorrow’s young leaders to prepare for rewarding careers across the travel sector. Its co-founder and President is Professor Geoffrey Lipman.

SUNx Malta is calling for a DASH-2-Zero for the influential Travel & Tourism sector.  Pushing for further action faster. Yes, to Net Zero Carbon, but by 2030 and a commitment to NO Greenhouse gases by 2050. DASH means Declare & Act with Support & Hope. SUNx Malta is training 100,000 young Strong Climate Champions across all UN States by 2030. Together with our 17 Sustainable Development Goal partners we are offering a UNFCCC linked Registry of Accelerated Ambition and support for Climate Friendly companies and communities







For More Information

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+32 495250789


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder


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