DASH-2-Zero Responding to Code Red

SUNx Malta has today issued its second annual report on Climate Friendly Travel ahead of the Glasgow COP 26 Climate Summit.

SUNx is an EU-based NGO established as a legacy for climate and sustainability trailblazer, Maurice Strong.

The SUNx Report calls for a DASH-2-Zero supporting the recent Glasgow Tourism Declaration.

Based on curated research data, the Report shows the intensifying of climate driven global disasters and how this impacts the vital Travel & Tourism sector of the world economy


The Report also:


  1. 1. Endorses the Glasgow Tourism Declaration and urges a DASH-2-Zero to take the commitments made further and faster suggesting targets of net zero carbon dioxide emissions for 2030 and zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

  3. 2. Calls for climate resilience now for Travel & Tourism activities, as well as clear emission reduction and sustainability plans, based on the science, the weather & demands of youth

  5. 3. Identifies a range of support services available to help companies and communities stay on track for a climate friendly travel future

  7. 4. Offers its Climate Friendly Travel Registry linked to the UN Global Climate Action Portal to help tourism stakeholders register climate and sustainability ambitions and show progress

  9. 5. Recognises the central interest and role of youth in dealing with the existential climate crisis and how young people are helping to promote positive change across the Travel & Tourism sector


Professor Geoffrey Lipman, President of SUNx Malta said, “We are not only pleased to support the Glasgow Declaration, but we hope that our Climate Friendly Travel Report will spur real action and positive response to UN Secretary General Guterres’ call for a Code Red for Humanity, underscored by the recent IPCC 6th Assessment Report. Our concept of Climate Friendly Travel and our call for a DASH-2-Zero can act as a catalyst for rapid change and a conduit to the UN led 2030/2050 Green and Clean Roadmap for a better future.

“SUNx Malta has also laid out its own Decade Vision, which targets 10,000 registered companies and 1000 communities by 2030, as well as 100,000 Climate Champions to support the transformation”


To download a copy of the report, please click here


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder



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