Residential Wind Turbine From India Costs as Much as an iPhone

Residential Wind Turbine From India Costs as Much as an iPhone

Arun and Anoop George designed a home wind turbine just around the size of a ceiling fan. According to The Times of India, the turbine can generate around one to three kilowatt hours of power daily, which they say is enough to power a house.

Ending energy poverty is one of the brothers’ main goals. They say on their website that around one billion people worldwide are underserved when it comes to power. Speaking in a video, Arun said: “Whatever power they produce, for the rest of the lifetime of the wind turbine, which is around 20 years, will be free electricity.”

Last year Avant Garde Innovations was the sole Indian clean energy company invited to the 7th Clean Energy Ministerial in Silicon Valley, and were honored as one of the Top 100 Global Startups at the NEWENERGY Global Startup Fest in Kazakhstan.

Now it’s almost time to get the wind turbine to the people. The brothers aim to launch their product in the second quarter of this year. You can find out more on their website.

This article was originally published on Inhabitat


Source: The Quint

Region: Asia

Country: India


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    Measuring the size of a ceiling fan and priced at a touch more than the latest Apple iPhone, this wind turbine can generate 3-5 kilowatt hours of electricity





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