STRONG Climate Champions Program for Cambodia

SUNx in partnership with the EXO Foundation has launched a “Plan For Our Kids” Program to support STRONG Climate Champions for Cambodia. This will provide Lifetime Learning from school through University, into corporate training programs, for 50 of tomorrow’s leaders to focus on Climate Resilience.

The Programme

The winning candidate will gain lifetime access to the SUNx Portal - designed to give easy access to content, data and support on Climate Friendly Travel, as well as a related course for graduate students. It is specifically aimed at people planning careers in the Travelism (Travel & Tourism) sector.

Given that Travel & Tourism cuts across many sectors, the Portal and course will also be of general interest to a wide cross section of undergraduate and post graduate disciplines. Together they are the core induction for SUNx Members, who are committed to a leadership role in helping communities proactively adjust for changing visitor patterns and habits, in a climate intensifying world.

About SUNx

SUNx - Strong Universal Network is a Legacy to Maurice Strong, who pioneered global Sustainable Development action for the past half century and was a firm believer in Travel & Tourism as a positive environmental change agent – if effectively motivated and committed.

Our only focus is Climate Resilience

Over the past 5 years we have developed a “Plan For Our Kids” - a global Training and Lifetime Learning program to create a movement of 100,000 STRONG Climate Champions by 2030. They will advance Climate Friendly Travel ~ measured: green: 2050 proof ~ to support the Paris Accords & SDG13, underpinned by our technology Portal and network of cloud-connected centres (see SUNx System). This will help bring Travel & Tourism into the “New Climate Economy”.


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder


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