TraNexus Blockchain Will Make Travel Smarter, Greener and Low Impact

TraNexus Sustainable Travel Blockchain Applications TraNexus Sustainable Travel Blockchain Applications

Speaking in the Impact session of The International Summit Conference “Climate Change in the Mediterranean and the Middle East” in Cyprus, Professor Geoffrey Lipman, co-founder of SUNx and TraNexus blockchain solutions said:

"We are at a tipping point in responding to the eXistential challenge of Climate Change. We can distinguish fake, trumped up, self-serving news from harsh adaptation and mitigation reality. We can look to the bright green horizons for our kids, or bury our heads in the "business as usual" sand for our comfort. We need Impact-Travel now ~ measured to manage: green to grow and 2050-proof to innovate. And we also need open collaboration in the spirit of SDG 17 to meet Paris Climate Resilience realities."

Lipman referenced the post-industrial build-up of greenhouse gases, the half century of "Club of Rome" planetary boundaries, limits to growth realization and the emergence of Travelism (Travel & Tourism) as a socioeconomic driver, with a unique capacity to help in the battle for climate sanity. He said:

"We can either continue to talk the talk, yet act contrary to science and logic, or we can start to walk the walk and really join the leadership of the visionary low-carbon, inclusive, transformation movement. We have to stop the force for good mantra, roll up our sleeves and really become the force for good impact."

He laid out a vision for a 2030 world of cloud-connected community-focused, Climate Resilience SUNx Centres, to support Impact-Travel - with a growing movement of next generation more caring, conscientious travellers, businesses and communities. "TraNexus blockchain based systems will be there to help deliver on this innovative, sustainable growth imperative where travel is easier, better, greener and fun". Citing the Club of Rome's recent report 'Come On' Lipman said:

"We can make the future positive: we can do it through Impact-Travel: we must start now."


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder


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