Support our Earth Day Pledge for Impact-Travel to Protect the Paris Climate Agreement

Tomorrow is Earth Day. It is now 25 years after the Rio Earth Summit, led by our inspiration Maurice Strong.

This comes at a time when the Paris Climate agreement, which the entire world supported, is being challenged by knee-jerk political actions of one of its key driving states.

SUNx is taking this opportunity to intensify its campaign for climate resilience through Impact-Travel - pros / cons measured and managed, green growth at the core and 2050 future focused.

If you agree, please help to spread the word by re-Tweeting our Earth Day message via


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Professor Geoffrey Lipman

Co-founder SUNx

SUNx –Strong Universal Network, supports community climate resilience through Impact -Travel. Our X brand highlights the eXistential reality of climate change.


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder


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