Climate Change: A Driver of Migration

In 2000, the United Nations established the 18th of December as the International Migrants Day – a day intended to raise awareness about the challenges and difficulties of international migration.

A date to highlight the right of human mobility to be possible to do anywhere in the world, ensuring the dignity of those who decide to leave their home country, no matter what their reasons are.

Some migrants move searching for better living conditions by choice. Others, unfortunately, move because they have no choice and try to escape human right violations, terrorism or natural disasters caused by climate change. 

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Badin (Pakistan) 2011

Picture taken by: Akhtar Soomro

Climate change is changing the way we live in many ways, but lately has also significantly influenced migration. The most affected countries by climate change disasters are developing countries and small islands developing states. The Southeast Asia region is one of the biggest victims of climate change, and their population is suffering from critical natural disasters as sea-levels rise, floods and droughts, causing human migration. A migration by necessity not by choice. 

According to data from the World Bank, if we do not act now, there will be 143 million “climate refugees” around the world by 2050.

More than ever, this is the reason why climate change education is vital for the people affected the most by this issue. If their communities understand the phenomena they see around them, they will be able to implement strategies to their lives and learn to be active leaders in their communities. Because of this, SUNx Malta awarded earlier this year 30 scholarships to students from developing countries and Small Islands Developing States (SIDS). This diploma will train students to support businesses in the travel and transport industry in adjusting their operations towards becoming carbon neutral. It is the first online Climate Friendly Travel Diploma in the world. Professor Geoffrey Lipman, President of SUNx Malta, stated that: 

“They will discover why it is essential to have climate-friendly travel and to do our part in the global responsibility for the existing climate crisis.”

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Jakarta (Indonesia) 2020

Picture taken by : Tatan Syuflana

All over the world, many people face this reality. If we want to change it, education is the key to look after the people who are at risk of being forced to migrate. SUNx is supporting Climate Change education, and you can help us by sharing the different scholarships we have created to educate future leaders.

Click on the link for more information:


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder


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