SUNx Malta Vision

Our Vision

“SUNx Malta will be relevant only to the extent that the ideas we generate are sound and others pick them up.

We are fairly sure that we are right that:



  • The Climate Crisis is existential and we must start to act now.
  • The core concept of Climate Friendly Travel ~ measured: green: 2050 proof: would produce a kind of sustainable Travel & Tourism system that fits into a Paris and SDG targeted future.
  • Our first Sector Report, with WTTC, in September 2019, in the side-lines of the UN Climate Summit, is a decent, accurate analysis / action plan.
  • The Registry of Ambitions for “Climate Neutral” 2050 tracks with what other sectors are doing in UNFCCC.
  • The Climate Friendly Travel Diploma we are launching with ITS from Gozo, Malta will build global support capacity for transformation.
  • The 100,000 Strong Climate Champions we will encourage in all UN States by 2030 will help companies and communities to transform, as well as provide new jobs for smart young people.
  • Our partnership with Malta - as a global centre for Climate Friendly Travel - is a game changer.


If people agree and work with us - particularly through our SDG 17 Agreement Network - then SUNx will have made a useful contribution.

That’s how my friend and our inspiration, Maurice Strong did things - encouraging progressive change.… And we are trying to follow his vision”


Professor Geoffrey Lipman March 2020


Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder


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