STRONG Climate Champion Programme

We are a platform that brings together youth and tourism stakeholders to deliver Climate Friendly Travel transformation.

Our World Today

The recent IPPC report 2021 indicates that we are close to 1.2 degrees already of the Paris target of 1.5 degrees. If warming continues planetary conditions to live on Earth will be much starker than today, threatening all forms of life and disrupting out ecosystems, destinations and ways of living. All economic sectors must start now their adaptation and transformation to a decarbonised worls, and tourism can play a key role.

Why Climate Champions?

Following the vision of Maurice Strong, the father of Sustainable Developmemnt, Travel & Tourism could be a catalyst for positive change driven by youth. The National Climate Champions Programs aim to crfeate a well-organized online network of 199,000 Climate Champions by 2030 accross all UN States to advance Climate Friendly Travel in their country. The SUNx Program will support this network and provide tools and resources to engage with tourism stakeholders through a Climate Champion Leadership approach.

Country Program


Our 2030 Goals

Active Country Programs in 200 UN States      Train and engage with 100,000 Climate Champions
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Our Global Climate Change Community

Who We Are

We are people from different parts of the world who love the same planet. We share our belief and interests in climate change.. Together with our actions.

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Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder


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